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Soils !

The Soils of Guntur District are broadly divided into 4 types as follows :
Red Gravelly Soils:
These soils are essentially found over the area covered by the Archaean formation which occupy the major portion of the district. Macherla and Vinukonda ranges mostly have re gravelly soils.
Black Cotton Soils:
These are prsent generally in the deltaic area on the banks of the krishna and also in northern parts of Satenapalli and Macherla range, where these are derived by the weathering of the limestone. These have formed due to the former exixtence of large and thick forest when a more moist climate prevailed.
Sandy Alluvial Soils:
These are found along the sea coast and in the area covered by some of the Gondwana rocks. Kankar or calcareous nodules occur in tha soils at several places in the district.
Saline Swampy Soils:
These are present in the areas where tidal waves penetrate into the coast. These are characterised by mangrove vegetation. Repalle, Kothapalem, Sarlagondi and Nizampatnam have these soils.