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Rivers & Drainages !

The Important rivers that traverse the district are the Krishna, the Chandravanka and the Naguleru:
The Krishna:
The Krishna, one of the mighty rivers in Peninsular Indai rises about 64 Km from the Arabian Sea in the Western Ghats, north of the hill station of Mahabaleshwar in Maharashtra State. Taking a south-easterly course through the States of Maharashtra and Karnataka, it forms the border between the districts of Mahaboob Nagar and Kurnool and enters the Guntur district at the south-western portion of Macherla range near the Ganikonda hills at an elevation of roughly 182 m above sea level. It runs through a gorge in a broad northerly direction, seperating Macherla from Achampet in Mahaboobnagar. It then flows forward collecting in quick succession, tthe Jarrivagu from its right bank and Dindi river from its left. Taking loop it winds its way in a north-easterly direction through the spurs of the Nallamalais. It then placidly traverses along the ancient Buddhist Shrine of Nagarjunakonda. Widening considerably almost for 1.6 Km, it encompasses a sizeable island to the east of which the mighty Nagarjunasagar Dam has been constructed. Passing by a ridge of low hills, the river receives the Chandravanka, Golivagu, Dandivagu and Naguleru, which fertilize the adjoining tracts. It continues its easterly course through Venkatayapalem range and scales the slopes of Gundimettakonda and broadens gradually flowing witha wide and shallow bed in an easterly direction with a slight inclination towards the south, it touches Vijayawada and then runs eastwards and southwards. It ultimately turns sharply south-eastwards and joins the sea at Hamsaladivi and Nachugunta in Krishna district.
The Chandravanka:
The Chandravanka is an important triburtary of the Krishna. It rises in the Mutukuru extensions of the eastern Nallamalais near the south-west corner of Macherla Range. It initaally contacts Mutukuru village and flows north until it is joined by its tributary the "Edibogula Vagu" at a place where the Atmakur tank project is constructed. Emerging from the tank it takes a north-westerly course until it contacts Macherla and flows to the north. Before it enters the Thumurukota reserve forest, it falls from a height of about 21 meters and is popularly called "Ethipothala" water falls. The Stream continues to run northwards and then joins the Krishna river.
The Naguleru:
Another tributary of the Krishna is the Naguleru, which rises in the Nallamalais off-shoots near the Nayakurali pass in vinukonda range. It contacts initially Karempudi and then flows northwards across Macherla range over a distance of 32 Km till it joins the Krishna near Ramapuram.
Other Minor Streams:
Among the other minor hill streams and rivulets in the district, the most important are the Gundlavagu near Durgi, the Golivagu near Rentachinthala, the Dandivagu near Gurazala.
Drainage System:
Apart from the above mentioned rivers and streams, the Romperu drainage basin, the Tungabhadra drain, the Bhattiprolu drain and the Repalle drain are the drainage facilities available in the district.