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Hills & Elevation !

The Principal hill ranges of the district are Nallamalasis, the Venkatayapalem range and the Kondavedu hills.
The Nallamalai off-shoots:
The lofty Nallamalais of the Kurnool district with their 'U' shaped terminal off-shoots skirt the Palnadu area. The highest point on the range is known as 'Swamikonda' or 'Vamikonda' (605 m), a flat-topped hill on the Macherla-Yerragondapalem range. The other peak of appreciable height in this stretch is Kairalakonda (590 m). A north-western edge of the Nallamalai off-shoot runs in an easterly direction along the Krishna river until it reaches Mallavaram. The hills in this portion are mostly composed of slates and quartzites. A important water fall in this part of the country is "Ethipothala" situated on a range of hills ( Nallamalais) on the rivulet Chandravanka about 10 Km from Macherla. The water falls registering a height of about 21 metres, are very pretty to look at.
The Venkatayapalem Range:
The next important hill range is Venkatayapalem named after a village in Sattenapalli range and is composed of slates and quartzites. It runs for a length of about 40 Km in north-east to south-west direction. It has long been known for the ancient working of diamonds. Its highest point is "Maidarsal" (447 m). At Narasaraopet where the borders of Palnadu, Vinukonda and Sattenapalli converge, a continuos chain of hills tapering gradually towards the Krishna river is in evuidence.
Kondavedu Range:
The Kondavedu range near Narasaraopet is composed of granite rock and extends abput 19 Km, registering a maximum height of 523 m. A few kilometers to its west is the isolated hill of Yellamanda (489 m), otherwise known as "Kotappakonda". To its south are detached hills spreading themselves towards Addanki. Some of the isolated peaks projecting themselves into the area lying within the Krishna basin between Mangalagiri and Vijayawada can also be seen especially towards the north-west. The other hills of some historic antiguity and religious association are GUttikonda, Mangalagiri and Undavalli.