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Ethipothala Waterfalls !

Ethipothala waterfalls is a mountain stream cascading down the hills from a height of 22 meters the Ethipothala waterfalls are a radiant sight of the power and beauty of nature. This Waterfalls is among the rising tourist attractions in Andhra Pradesh. it was not very famous among outside people till recently. But now it is frequently visited by foreigners. is close to many Buddhist sites which attracts more people to this region.

Ethipothala also boasts of a crocodile breeding centre where you can get a fascinating glimpse of these reptiles from close quarters and observe their behavior in their natural habitat. The picture postcard beauty of the place with verdant valleys together with numerous cave temples that dot the hilly countryside have made this a favourite picnic spot. The dazzling, azure lagoon formed at the foot of the falls houses a first-rate crocodile breeding center which is open to the public. The rising place of the river Chandra Vanka is at Muthukuru, on the eastern part of the Nallamala hills.

The 'Chandravanka' stream here plunges from a height of 21.3 meters(70 feet). The stream of water joins a lagoon nearby and flows on through a green valley This waterfall is a combination of three streams namely 1.Chandravanka vagu 2. Nakkala vagu 3.Tummala vagu. After flowing for 3 km, this stream joins with the river Krishna. Ranganadha and Dattatreya temples are found near the waterfalls.

Ethipothala Waterfall is also a great place for mild trekking and camping along with refreshing nature sightseeing. People believe that the caves near the waterfalls go to Srisailam. 11 kms downstream, from the Nagarjuna Sagar Dam. Ethipothala bounded on the North by Medak and Warangal districts, on the South by Guntur and partly by Mahbubnagar districts; on the East by Khammam and Krishna districts, on the West by Rangareddy and Mahabubnagar districts.Some of the local attractions to visit along the regions of Ethipothala waterfall are Nagarjuna Sagar Dam, Nagarjuna Konda, Anupu, Srisailam, Ranganadha, Sagara Mata and Dattatreya Temples.